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How did my butt ever get this big?


There used to be a point where I would unashamedly wear a swimsuit:There was also a time when I would wear my favorite prom dress:There was a point where I felt confident enough to show off mt shoulders:There was even a time, unbelievable as it seems now a days, when I would wear SHORTS:(I’m in the blue shirt/black shorts, front left)

And now…well let’s just say there is a reason, I don’t like to post pictures of myself. But here I am:I hate this picture; it is the worst but the most honest look at my ridiculous weight-gain.

Since Summer is just about here, I figured now would a great time to try and get rid of that baby weight as well as all of that I-love-chocolate-and-bread-too-much weight.

Here are my top 10 reasons to lose weight.

  1. I’m in love with food. Actually, I have decided to keep being a foodie and to continue my baking habit, I need to start some kind of exercise routine. If I am going make all kinds of sweets and rich foods, I need a way to burn off all those extra calories! Cathy of the blog, Noble Pig writes that she walks “5.2 miles a day just to be able to chow-down on fattening food while maintaining a normal weigh.” I think I will need to work up to that.
  2. I would really like to fit down a normal slide! When we take Elizabeth to the park, I have to wedge myself down the slide carefully because my butt gets clogged in the tube. And let me tell ya, if it’s a hot day, you don’t want your butt stuck in a slide.
  3. Eventually, sometime in the distant future, Hubby and I would like to have another kid. I have got so shed some pound-age before I start that whole process again. During my first trimester, the only thing I could stomach for breakfast was chocolate milk and doughnut holes. Then in the third trimester I was hungry every second of everyday. I would just go stand in the kitchen wondering what I could eat. Needless to say, starting out at this weight could produce disastrous proportions.
  4. I would like to wear shorts again.
  5. I would like to wear a swimsuit again. (Not including boy length shorts)
  6. I think my body would say thank you. My poor ankles, knees and back are really feeling the pressure of all this extra weight. I am pretty sure at 23, I shouldn’t have chronic back pain.
  7. I know my mind would say thank you. I beat myself up every time I look in the mirror. I avoid full-length mirrors. I hate the way everything looks. Looking in the mirror and not wanting to Photo Shop my body into oblivion would be quite refreshing.
  8. I’m at risk for Diabetes. My mom has it and my brother was, at one time, diagnosed with borderline diabetes. I also had gestational diabetes. If I don’t want to end up sticking myself with a needle everyday, I should probably take some action.
  9. I live in Oklahoma. Has anyone ever noticed how freakin’ hot it gets in Oklahoma? Well I have. I would like to dress in such away that I would not become a blubbery sweat-covered mess. I would like to stop dressing like a Puritan because I am ashamed of my thunder thighs, thick calves, flabby arms and poochy tummy.
  10. I love my husband. I love Elizabeth. I love my friends and my family. I want to be alive to love them. I also want to set a good example for my daughter so she doesn’t fall into the same problem that I did. I want to be healthy for the people I love and for myself.

In reality, this post was probably more for myself than you readers. But I hope if any of you are struggling that you know I am right there with you. This is my way of committing to being healthier and losing weight. I hope I will have some positive results to show you. (Although they won’t be as extreme as The Biggest Loser!)