Lizzie, Lizzie, How Does Your Garden Grow?


At the beginning of Spring we planted a little garden and lined our patio with soil filled terracotta pots. We’ve waited and we’ve waited..and now are garden is in full swing!

And Elizabeth is really excited about it!

Or angry?

My jalapeño plant is staring to blossom.We are also growing bell peppers for Brian. And I’m trying to cross a jalapeño plant with a banana pepper plant.

Then we’ve got some flowers.This is our first wild flower bloom!

Then there is my personal favorite…my chocolate mint plant! It’s growing like a monster!One of its branches is actually resting on the plant in the next pot!

And you may have noticed my little garden decor..A sweet friend, who knows I am trying to start an herb garden, gave me the coolest gift.They are beautiful antique spoons turned into garden markers! How lovely huh? (Thanks M!)

Well that is our garden!Elizabeth thinks we did a good job!

She also loves her Daddy!Have a beautiful day!



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