I heart Primer!


We’ve been preparing to repaint the kitchen all this week. We took the drawers out and the doors off of the cabinets, washed all of it, sanded all of it, washed the sawdust off all of it and then primed everything.  Phew! Now we can enjoy Memorial Day weekend and avoid feeling like lazy poop-sticks!

While I was priming I discovered I have an overwhelming love of primer. I know, weird, but let me explain. There stains in and on the kitchen cabinets that no matter how hard I tried, I could not scrub off. The stains made everything look so dirty and unpleasant. I was starting to feel like maybe moving into the house was a mistake….

Then I started priming! We bought the heavy duty, oil based primer that will kill and block stains (and apparently odors). And boy, did that stuff work. As I watched all of those yucky stains disappear under a thick coat of primer, relief flooded over me. It was such a wonderful feeling to see dirty old cabinets transform into a type of clean white canvases. So, there you go, I heart primer!

Except. . . .when my toes are stuck together with primer. No joke, I couldn’t pull them apart! (I had a close up but my toe hair was too gross! But I might as well have posted it since I told you about it.)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

So much love,



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  1. You are a riot! I love that you just up and admitted to toe hair. I have it too! Glad your new place is getting perked up with that primer–can’t wait for the “after” pics!

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