First Boo-boo!


I know I must be a weird parent. We went to the park this morning and Elizabeth played with her best-ie Joan. After Joan and her mommy left we went for a walk. Now, when I say walk I mean Elizabeth walked off (sort of ran) and we followed her. At one point, in the process of running away from us, she fell down. This happens all the time but today it was different.

She skinned her knee!

She got her first real boo-boo today and you know what my reaction is? Not concern or worry(okay, obviously I was little concerned and worried, but that wasn’t my primary reaction),  no, I felt proud. What is that about? I guess it comes from the fact that I know she is such a trooper. I feel the same way every time I see her scar from the surgery she had when she was two days old.

I remember the doctors tried to comfort me and tell me that the scar would become almost invisible. I was thinking okay whatever. I was actually a little disappointed that she won’t always have it to remind her of how strong she is. That scar represents so much to me: like how she only cried during one procedure, when they pulled out her chest tube, out the many procedures she endured.

And so when she got this beauty,I knew that she would be okay. And of course, she was, after a tearful drive home and some lovin’.

I am thrilled that she is turning into such a brave, beautiful and strong girl. See, she is even poking it. I like to imagine her telling herself that the pain is only in my mind.

A couple of band-aids later and she was doing great.

I know it’s a strange milestone but that’s how we roll…or parent.

That’s my girl-y. Love her.



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  1. Yeah, you’re a weirdo! 😉 I’d be proud too–what a little trooper, poking her knee with curiosity and not a hint of pouting. I think children also react to setbacks based on how their parents react, don’t you? When I used to babysit, if I screamed when a kid fell, he’d start crying. If I just watched him and waited to see if he was hurt, sometimes he’d just go on like nothing happened. If you don’t mind me asking, what surgery did she have to have as a newborn?

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