Southwest Turkey Burgers (1)


Summer is creeping closer and with it comes our favorite summer meal:

Southwest Turkey Burgers and fries!

The recipe is from Cook Yourself Thin, but I kinda do my own thing and make do with what I have.

Admire the grill pan! (an early mother’s day gift)



And for dessert….STRAWBERRIES!

This meal is so easy and great alternative to your normal burger! So yummy.

Southwest Turkey Burgers and Fries

  • Pre-heat the oven-425ºF
  • Slice up your sweet potatoes (and normal potatoes if your hubby doesn’t like sweet potatoes).
  • Throw them in a bowl with some olive oil and your choice of spices. (salt, chili powder, garlic powder and lime is yummy)
  • Spread them on a baking sheet and bake for 30-45 minutes. Don’t forget to stir them every 10 minutes or so (that way they don’t stick to the pan).

While they are cooking:

  • Mash ground turkey and a can of green chiles all together (I mean take the green chiles out of the can).
  • Make patties (refrigerate the patties for a few minutes, especially if you are putting them on the outside grill!)
  • Cook those patties on a grill pan or outside grill.
  • Assemble with avocado, tomato, lettuce and etc.

Strawberries are just cut up and sprinkled with sugar. Then leave them in the fridge while you eat dinner.

Easy Pea-sy Recipeasy!

What is your favorite summer recipe?



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  1. Been a while since I’ve had a turkey burger. We used to eat them (seriously) every week. Several times a week. It was crazy. i guess we just sick of them or something. I don’t know if I have a single favorite summer meal but I’ve really been enjoying making non-lettuce salads and bringing them to work for lunch. Anything with beans in it (5 bean is prob my fave) and I really went wild for tuna pasta salad the last couple days and already want to make more. But since you posted a burger recipe, that reminds me of some burgers I made last year with bison meat and mixed in fresh rosemary and sage and put chive mayo on the buns. Oh, it was heaven. Gotta do that again! Sorry about the long comment but when you get me started on food, it’s hard to stop–lol!

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