Finals Week Remix


Okay, so I took a personal week. Sorry. I had a number of essays, projects and finals with which to deal. I have one more final exam tomorrow (technically today) morning. Then I have a portfolio of poems to turn in by Friday.

Almost. Done.

Then the summer will officially begin with a whole new set of problems. (like finding a nice place to live. . . .that isn’t an apartment)

Sweet scented Iris blooms from the farmers market added a splash of color and relaxation to our busy week.

Nerd-E is ready for the studious week ahead! (The glasses actually go with a build-a-bear.)

Elizabeth and Daddy are hanging out on the porch, being silly of course.

I love her lovin’!

My little bathtub artist is so inspired.Her final piece.

We are chilling on an off day. Its early and we are still in our jammies.

There was more to our week like studying, running errands and feeding the ducks at Theta pond, but this is what we captured in pictures. Maybe we will get some cute pictures of feeding the ducks next time.

This week marks the end of the school year, but watch out Summer, because here we come!

What do you have planned for this summer?



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  1. Love the pictures–thanks for sharing. Nerd-E is too cute (both the glasses and the nickname–LOL)! She looks a lot like you, don’t you think? Thank goodness for summer break–right? My vacation is in June and we’ll be renting a cabin by the lake and I’m excited. My only other plans are a wedding cake in July and losing weight!

  2. Your blogs and facebook with your stories and the great pictures you share are the reason I even have a pc. Thanks love, and of course Brian too!
    Our summer plans are of course Branson and Maybr Memphis?

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