Farmer’s Market Inspired Meal #1


Phew! Before I get started on this meal, let me just apologize. The past few weeks and especially this weekend, school has been life-sucking. Now I am in between major assignments and can post, yay!

Also, at some point this semester when I was thinking of ideas for my blog, I had a brilliant idea. I could go all around campus and find little places to take a nap. I thought I would wait until close to the end of the semester, when people are walking around like zombies. Well, I did just that….and you know what? I am way to freakin’ tired to run around campus taking pictures of potential nap locations. I am too busy needing a nap myself! How’s that for ironic?

Anyway, on to business:

In case you didn’t notice in my last post, I am super excited for the Farmer’s Market. We love, love, love it! And so I will be posting a series of meals that are inspired by the stuff at the Farmer’s Market. I hope this will convince you to shop at your local Farmer’s Market, if its available.

Here is inspiration #1: Ribs, Asparagus and Cheesy Jalapeño Bread

Ribs: Okay, so I bought those at the store. I know, I know, we don’t shop exclusively at the Farmer’s Market. Although we might, if it was possible. Anyway, I just bought some ribs. But I cook them in the crock-pot. Seriously, all I do is put them in the crock-pot, pour barbecue sauce over them and let them cook all day (5-6+ hours).  If you start them in the morning, they should be ready by dinner. A tip: brown them a little bit before you put them in the crock-pot, it helps them retain moisture.

Asparagus: We did buy the asparagus at the market, and I wish we had bought waaay more. It was so gooood! All I did, after I rinsed them, was toss the asparagus in some olive oil and seasoning. I seasoned mine with, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. The I spread them on a baking sheet and bake at 375°F until they looked cooked and a little crispy, maybe 10 minutes. You can adjust the time according to your preference.

Funny story: Like a good mom, I steamed a few pieces of asparagus for Elizabeth, so that she wouldn’t have to deal with the spices. When I gave them to her, she hated it. She spit them out and made a terrible face of rejection. I offered her a piece of my asparagus thinking she would nibble it and not like the hot spice. No. She almost ate my hand off trying to get more asparagus. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised; I love spicy food and have ate a lot when I was pregnant, as well as when I was nursing. At least she isn’t picky.

Cheesy Jalapeño Bread: We also bought the bread from the farmer’s market. The family that sells bread, makes some really great stuff. I won’t spoil the surprise since I’m sure I will be writing about it later. Anywho, I sliced off a couple pieces, buttered them lightly, sprinkled them with cheese and then stuck them in the oven for the last few minutes with the asparagus. These ingredients combined! Make dinner!As Dora the Explorer might say: Yum Yum Yum Yum Delicioso!

So yummy, so easy!

Have a great evening!



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  1. We love shopping at our farmer’s market! We haven’t been there this year yet, as they aren’t usually selling much at this point, but I can’t wait to start getting our produce and meat there again. Your meal looks fabuloso, my dear! I’ve never made ribs but plan to this summer.

    • Yeah I thought about that. I ate really hot wings for awhile during my pregnancy. Then I had to switch to less spicy. But I do like my spicy stuff, so yeah!

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