How Does Our Garden Grow?


Here is an update on our little porch garden.

Let’s start with the bad news first:Our tomato plant. . .is DEAD! We will buy a new one on Saturday at the Farmers Market.

→Which by the way if you are a Stillwater resident, you should go to the Farmer’s market. It happens every Wednesday and Saturday 8am-1pm. This goes on from April through October. Right now most of the selection is herbs and baby plants, but as we get deeper into the Summer, the produce is amazing. There is a lady who sells homemade salsa that is great, as well as enchilada meals and lots of other goodies. Then there is one seller who makes homemade dog treats. Tango and Peanut go nuts for them. And the another family, Oh my goodness! sells fresh baked bread and cookies and scones. It is absolutely delicious. Check it out. And if you don’t live in Stillwater, find out about your local Farmer’s Market for sure!←

Anyway, our other plants are doing much better than the tomato plant.My chocolate mint plant is growing toward the sun!Our sunflowers are growing like crazy!We planted two kinds of flowers in this pot and now both have sprouted! Yay! As you can see, one side is growing like crazy and if you look closer, the other side sprouted too.I had almost given up on this pot, nothing had sprouted. Then this morning I noticed the dirt was rising… and when I pushed the dirt around a little, I was pleasantly surprised with hidden sprouts. Woo hoo! All of our flowers are sprouting! This is a first for me. Every year I buy flower and then kill them. Apparently all I needed was a little green-thumbed gardener to help me.

We also have an addition to our humble garden. Some friends uprooted this beauty from their own garden.

They surprised us by putting in a pot and leaving on our porch.

Introducing. . . . . . .

The Friendship WeedEveryone should have friends like this!

Have a dandy day!



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  1. Luv your garden and am impressed, and am also impressed with your intern gardner!:)
    You no dandelion leaves make a wonderful salad, add some to your salad
    and try them out.

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