Not Fully Prepared Lemon Bars (and a giggle)


Once upon a time, my hubby tried to make me lemon bars. The recipe he had called for lemon zest. He had no idea what that was, so he just add more lemon juice. His lemon bars were yummy, but they lacked that certain…for lack of a better word, zest.

When I saw this recipe on Recipe Rhapsody, I had to try it. This recipe didn’t call for lemon zest. And secretly, I thought I would show my husband what a lemon bar should be.

While my lemon bars were cute, they were not quite a success. I was halfway into the process, squeezing lemons, and I realized I didn’t have enough lemon juice. I even added some store bough juice and I didn’t have enough. So bah! But I wasn’t about to stop in the middle.

All things considered, they were pretty yummy. My hubby claims he likes them better with less lemony flavor. So, I guess, technically, I still showed him what a lemon bar should be. But I am not satisfied. I will be revisiting this recipe!

Elizabeth wants some!Okay, here’s a bite.More! of that!Okay, one more bite. No more after this.Oh crap!

Well, at least she like them, a lot.

Since I messed up the recipe, why don’t you swing by Recipe Rhapsody and visit her for the recipe. She has some helpful tips too. (Veronica, I hope you don’t mind.

Lemon Squares from Recipe Rhapsody

And here is a giggle. My husband is pursuing his Master’s degree, can’t you tell by his study materials.

We actually went to buy this book today, not for Elizabeth. So, he legitimately had an assignment requiring the reading of The World of Pooh.  I even asked permission to post this. It cracked me up.  I hope it gave you a giggle! I find at this point in the semester I need more of those.



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  1. LOL–I ran into the same problem with not enough lemon juice–there’s so much called for!–and had to run out for a couple extra lemons in the middle of measuring. These do have quite a pronounced lemon flavor. The recipe I prefer is Ina Garten’s, which I believe has zest but isn’t quite as puckery. Those pics of Elizabeth are soooo cute and hilarious. I serioulsy laughed at the “more” face and the crying face–awwwww! I have to ask what your hubby is getting a degree in. I think those pics are pretty cute of him reading that book with no E in sight.

    • Brian is getting his degree in Special Education. His bachelor’s is in history. He had to pick a children’s book character and determine what potential disability the character may have. He picked Eeyore, but basically everyone in the Winnie the Pooh books is jacked up! It’s kind of funny. He is so interested in it, I’m super proud of him.

  2. I’m with Brian, I like less of a lemon flavor too.
    I LOVE my sweet E enjoying the treat and then so NOT liking the END!

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