Almost Saturday Smiles


The semester is coming to an end and occasionally I need a pick me up.

I hope this cheers you up!

I told people my name was “Sarah Elizabeth Batman Barnes!”

Now I have graduated to Sarah Elizabeth Batman Barnes Harrison!

Introducing. . . .BAT BABY ELIZABETH!

She may not have a utility belt, but she knows how to use her Fisher-Price cell phone and that remote!

Watch out bad guys! Bat Baby Elizabeth is ready to fight some crime! Hi-Yaa!

Bat Baby Elizabeth says “Books are Cool! Read and Stay in School!”

She’s on the chase, apparently the dog is robbing a bank!

Bat Baby Elizabeth has her eye on you!

I hope this made you smile!


3 responses »

  1. Of course it did–esp the one with her big smile. I love that big crazy smile! Two things that always make me grin–animals (esp dogs) and babies. Now if you have a dog and include those pics too, I’d be in hog heaven!

  2. I went alot of places with that batman Sarah Elizabeth Barnes, people thought she was too much! And now sweet baby bat girl is just TOOOOO MUCH!!
    I can’t contain my joy:)

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