My Crazy Week: An update on the drama that is my life


Oh my! It looks as if I need to update. Man, oh man! It has been a crazy, well, week.

  • Last Wednesday-Sprained my ankle, had to use crutches for a day.
  • Thursday– Had to have friends come over and put Elizabeth down because I couldn’t. (they brought me Thai Chicken for dinner)
  • Friday– Was able to take care of myself, a friend came over anyway, I made myself and Elizabeth the left over Thai chicken. I just skimmed the sauce off the top. She started choking, which is fairly normal for her (to struggle with more solid-type food). She was wheezy for a while. (after she choked I took a better look at her mush of stuff and find half a cashew)
  • Saturday– Brian tried to give her breakfast, she choked and couldn’t even swallow rice cereal. We went to the Stillwater ER because I figured she must have swallowed a cashew. After about two hours, we left, they told us there was nothing they could do over the weekend, to keep her hydrated and that we could try some baby food. (They weren’t really listening to me.) Later she choked on baby food, milk then baby food and could only drink milk or formula. I called our on-call pediatrician. She said that the Stillwater could not do anything, even if it was Monday. (This would have been nice to know because Elizabeth had corrective surgery when she was two days old and if we had known Stillwater didn’t have the staff or equipment, we would have gone to them.) After much deliberation and more choking, we when to OU Children’s Hospital Emergency Room, in Oklahoma City. We got there around 6:30pm. People who work under E’s ped. surgeon checked her out. They still sent us home until Monday, but we were to make an appointment Monday morning ASAP, with her pediatric surgeon. We didn’t get home until after Mid-night.
  • Sunday-Rather normal, church, tried to do homework (it was really hard to focus). Was supposed to rest my ankle ALL weekend, obviously didn’t.
  • Monday– Woke up with my ankle throbbing, didn’t go to class, made an appointment for Elizabeth at 8am the next morning. (This moved up a study scheduled for the end of the month, to Tuesday.)
  • Tuesday-Went to the OU Children’s Hospital. About a minute away from the hospital, she started wretching, probably because she had only had milk/formula for the past 72 hours, and wasn’t even allowed to have that before the study. She was about to vomit, when half a cashew flew out of her mouth! (It smelled disgusting!!) We still did the barium swallow study. She had to be strapped down and drink this barium mixture stuff. She hated being strapped down, but she was so happy to have anything, she was sucking the sweet flavored barium out of the syringe. Poor baby, the doctors were impressed with her cooperation though. We met with Dr. Tuggle, her surgeon. He checked out the pictures from the study. Elizabeth’s esophagus has a point where it narrows, called a stricture. We were supposed to call the clinic and schedule a day surgery, where they will dilate her her esophagus.
  • Tuesday after the long appointment, we left the apt. at 6:30am, didn’t get out of there  until after 11am.- Instead of trying to eat lunch right then or trying to drive home hungry, we gave Elizabeth some formula and we all took a nap in the van. (We ♥ our mini-van!) I woke up before B and E, so I ran into Babies R Us and got E some yummy food she really likes (sqeeze-able baby food by Plum Organic, check it out) We ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Elizabeth had two of those Plum Organic baby foods and probably a third of my salmon. SHE WAS HUNGRY! After we ate, we ran into the mall so that Brian could touch and Ipad and walked around for a bit while Elizabeth napped. It was probably not a good use of our time, but a much needed distraction and break!
  • Tuesday once we got home -HOMEWORK TIME. We ate dinner, gave Elizabeth a bath, she played with her new bath paints, put her down. I worked on my homework until 3:30am.
  • Wednesday-Woke up at 7am and finished my homework. I was so exhausted in every way: physically, mentally and emotionally, that I didn’t go to class. I met my Professor for a moment and gave her my appointment. We came home, some of us ate lunch. We all took a nap. I didn’t wake up until about 3o minutes ago.

I bet, at first, when I wrote that it had been a crazy week, that you thought I was exaggerating!

I hope your week has been more peaceful and restful than mine!



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  1. EEep! I bet you were one WORRIED mama with E was choking and couldn’t eat. I’m so glad the cashew came out but sorry you had to go through all that first. So are you going to get her asophogus dilated? How’s the ankle now?

  2. When is your appointment for her dilation? I no you can’t wait till this is all over.
    My prayers are for His grace and peace to rain down on you all!

  3. Her dilation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 21. I have to call the day before to find out the time and directions for how to prepare. We will be glad when this is all settled, but we know God provides and He’s taken care of us this far!

  4. Praying for you all. I am so sorry you all have had such a trial this week. Bless your hearts. Praying for you to be able to rest in the Lord.

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