A Thai Chicken Thank-you


So, Wednesday I stepped off a curb wrong. I thought I had destroyed my ankle. After a visit with the doctor, I just sprained it. As far as updates go, it still hurts.

But good came out of this fiasco. A sweet friend and her family had to come help me put Elizabeth down on Thursday. I couldn’t get on my knees to give her a bath or pick her up to go in her crib and Brian was a t work. This wonderful family also brought me dinner!

That dinner was glorious! It was a Thai Chicken recipe my friend half invented. And there are pictures.

If I knew how to say it was delicious in Thai, I would, but I don’t. But it really is delicious!

Here is the recipe, as provided by friend:

Thai Chicken Thank You

Chicken breast + Curry paste + Ginger + Curry powder + Canned coconut milk + chicken broth + Yellow onions = Awesome easy Thai curry soup

You pretty much cook the chicken and onions in all the spices and then add the coconut milk and chicken broth at the end. Oh, and you make some rice to pour it over. And add avocado and cashews at the end.

So easy right?


Thanks friends! Love you guys so much!



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  1. I’m sorry you hurt your ankle! I’m so glad you have good friends to help you out when you need it and the soup they brought sounds amazing! What a blessing they are.

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