Flower Power


You know how in  my last post, I mentioned not knowing what I was doing? Well it’s still true, especially when it comes to planting flowers. But I did it anyway.

You see the problem is, we live in an apartment, on the second floor. So any planting we do has to be in pots. Well when we bought seeds yesterday, I didn’t read the instructions. So I ended up with a bunch of seeds that probably belong in flower beds and stack of flower pots. We planted them anyway.

I also bought a cherry-tomato plant and a chocolate mint plant at the farmer’s market this morning.I know what some of you may thinking. Wait a minute. Chocolate mint plant? It really does exist. I googled it. Check it out. It smells delicious.

Elizabeth had a lot of fun helping me put the seeds in the dirt. Even if we didn’t do it right, we had fun. I highly suggest planting something with your little ones if you have them. For toddlers it’s just fun to put your fingers in the dirt (or terrifying depending on the toddler) and for older kiddos, it’s a great learning opportunity.Our flower planting was a success, even if nothing grows and the plants die! (Which is likely.)

Have a fabulous Saturday!



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  1. I saw the chocolate mint at our farmer’s market last year too but didn’t buy it b/c I knew I wouldn’t use it. Do you have plans for it? I guess you could just eat it to freshen your breath if nothing else but I’ll bet it’d make a great tea.

    • I just bought it on a whim. I’m like that a lot. But I was reading that I could make tea with it or try to season something. I just thought it smelled yum-tastic!

  2. Love Elizabeth in her patio garden:) Hope every thing grows for her to watch!
    Make sure she waters.
    Glad you had so much fun!!

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