Amateur Painters, Professional Mess-makers


Okay, so I admit that most times I don’t know what I am doing. I usually just make stuff up as I go along. Well that is definitely the case when it comes to painting with a one-year old.

Today Elizabeth and I painted flower pots! And boy was it a mess.

Elizabeth can testify to our mess-making skills.But she didn’t mind, because she got to play in the bathtub. . . with her clothes on.

We got paint everywhere. Even her clothes.We also painted the porch.We did manage to get some paint on the flower pots.
Names like Picasso and Van Gogh come to mind don’t they?

Come back later for when we actually plant some flower seeds in our flower pots, which should be equally fun and messy.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

(p.s. I would like to issue an apology to readers who read for recipes. I’m sorry I have been lacking in the food area. School is just so busy, I’m lucky if I eat dinner. I should be posting some recipes soon though. I promise!)


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  1. LOL–it looks like E tried to EAT the paint!!! Did she?! I don’t know about everyone else, but I read your blog b/c I like you and I enjoy it so I don’t mind the lack of recipes. But I do like those that you post!

  2. Thanks Veronica. I’m glad you like me. And yes she did try to eat paint. Well she was somewhat successful at eating paint, unfortunately. She had fun though, and hasn’t thrown up yet!

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