Easter Bonanza (in pictures)


Well Easter came and went and boy was it fun! We weren’t able to go see family, but we got to hang out with our Stillwater family.

Before the fun could begin, we had lunch.

Baked Salmon, green beans, salad, and some kind of delicious potatoes made for a perfect Easter feast-er.

Dessert! Strawberries and Yumminess.

FYI: I didn’t make any of the food. I have to give all the credit to GiGi, Joan’s grandma. (Joan is Elizabeth’s BFF.)

Then Elizabeth decided she was bored with traditional methods of eating.

She doesn’t see what’s funny.

Then it was time for Easter baskets.

She is not quite sure what to think.

Time for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Elizabeth and Joan had so much fun. This is Joan. Elizabeth’s sweet sweet friend.

Look at all those eggs!

And of course we took a family picture:

Which we decided must be an art perfected over many years of posed family pictures because we took five pictures and this one is the best one, minus my face.

Today we dealt with the aftermath of Easter: the eating of a chocolate bunny.

First chocolate bunny for Elizabeth.THIS IS REALLY YUMMY!All done. (and no, we didn’t let her eat the entire bunny)

That was our Easter Celebration.

(See the full album of pictures here.)

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

And just for giggles:

This is Brian’s Easter picture with Elizabeth:

Insanely adorable right?

This is mine:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Even Elizabeth can’t look at crazy face.


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  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about–I think you’re adorable so stop apologizing. OK, don’t b/c your self-deprecation is actually pretty funny. My favorite pic is the one of Elizabeth after she took a bite of the bunny and she opened her mouth really big. She looks so happy and like she’s going to try to stuff the whole bunny in her mouth!

  2. Yeah, that is the best flippin’ picture ever. We had it as our computer background, but we had to take it down because every time she saw the picture she would start crying for the chocolate bunny.

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