Easter Dress Disaster and some other business


Before I get into the drama that is my life, I wanted to announce the winning Easter dress. Since we had a whopping vote and a half, we decided based on my dress and the weather. And based on those factors, the winning dress is . . . THE FLOWER DRESS! The fact of the matter is, tomorrow morning will be too cold for that adorable Butterfly dress. My choice was actually this one, until I started taking pictures. The I realized, Brian was right, the dress with the Butterflies is flippin’ adorable. But my instincts were unfortunately correct. I was leaning toward this dress because I knew it might be cold. Well, there you have it.

There will be pictures up, hopefully by Monday. April is crunch-time for us students.

On to the drama. Okay, maybe this isn’t really drama for most people, but I am particularly susceptible to drama. And for those of you who might not get what the big deal is, let me give you some back story.

Oh, a few years ago, when I was in high-school, okay more like five or six years ago, anyway, I was getting ready for church. It was sometime in December, Christmas was approaching, it was cold out side. Let me try to put into words what I was attempting to wear. I had a knee-length black dress. It had a squarish neck-line and cap-sleeves or something. It was a fairly classy dress. I looked pretty nice in that number. Then I added black tights. Understandable right, its cold out there. Now for shoes. A normal person, probably would have worn some black flats or equally classy black heels. No. Not me. I pulled red Christmas socks over my black tights. Then topped the outfit off with a pair of clog type shoes. You know, like this.I mean, mine weren’t brown. I was wearing black, for Pete’s sake. I at least knew to wear a grey kind of color. But anyway, try to picture me. Classy black dress and tights, with red Christmas socks and clogs.

Thankfully, I have a wonderfully truthful Nana. When I walked into the hall, quite proud of what I would have, at the time, called eclectic, she immediately put a stop to my ridiculous shenanigans.

She asked me, “You aren’t going to where that, are you?”    “Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”  She didn’t waste time in answering my questions. “You look like a stupid* third grader.”

Now, before you judge, some might think, she was being harsh with me. Well, I don’t. The world would have been a lot harsher with me if I had gone out in public like that.

All of that being said, I have developed an insecurity about what I wear. I often feel great about the attempt I have made to dress myself, only to leave and enter the public world and realized, I’m a moron and I’m making everyone plainly aware of the fact.

As Easter was quickly approaching, I was thinking about what I would wear. I needed a new Easter dress and maybe some shoes. That was the final decision. I told Brian, Friday. So that left us with Saturday to do dress shopping. And by the time we got around to it, we had two hours.

Instead of giving you the whole long boring story of how I tried on 16+ dresses and finally found one and conned Brian into buying another one and a skirt, I will cut to the chase. I found a dress. A pretty dress. But it had thin little straps and was pretty low cut. For Easter Sunday. Naturally, I need a shrug or cardigan or something. And I still needed shoes. We went to store #2.  Sale on cardigans, yes! We found one, it wasn’t one of the ones on sale. Boo! Then we find some shoes. (At store #1 we had found some shoes, but they were sandals and didn’t quite fit me and were expensive for sandals, so I didn’t get those.) So anyway about the shoes. They are dark brown strappy wedges. Cute! We buy the elbow cardigan and shoes. I also got some earrings out of the ordeal. (My husband loves, and I think sometimes hates, me. He’s a keeper.)

Finally, home. Brian went to work. I try on the cardi, why I didn’t do this in the store and actually pay attention, I don’t know. It’s too big. Call a friend, she takes me back to store #2, they don’t have the other size. Wasted trip and interruption on her much needed study time. (Thank you friend, you know who you are!)

Back home. I try everything on. I am a mess. And not even a hot one. The cardigan is out of this world too big and frumpy. The shoes look monstrous with my summery/springy Easter dress, as you might have imagined. The only thing I have going for my Easter dress at this point, the earrings.

Cue almost panic attack…..neither of the stores will open until 11am, after church starts…..this is where all of my fears about looking like a “stupid* third grader” start rearing their head.

BUT! I think I’m saved. I have some flats that will match the dress and the cardi is so tent-normous that I can actually tie it in a knot and it looks half-ish decent.

I will post pictures of our Easter celebrations and you can be the judge on whether I dodged a bullet or was a fashion train wreck.

(*adjectives were changed to keep this blog politically correct)

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

P.S. Other Business:

I have some stuff I want to post on here and I keep forgetting. So look forward to (and feel free to remind me of): picture from our day at the zoo, crazy apple cake, pecan pie, home-made laundry detergent, photofunia discovery and more.


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  1. Soon Elizabeth will wear outfits like that for you!!!!!!!!!!!ENJOY!See how you remember the fun we had 🙂 Love you more.

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