The Duel of the Easter Dresses


Easter is a coming and we have TWO dresses for Elizabeth. Daddy likes one and Mommy likes the other.

The only way to solve this dress disaster, call for a vote. And we are leaving this decision up to you, my faithful reader, if indeed you are out there.

I will post a bunch of picture of each dress and you can cast your vote by leaving a comment.

Here is dress #1:

Butterfly DressIf you like this dress write: BUTTERFLY. And you can specify whether you like the hat or not.

And dress #2

Flower Dress

If you like this dress write FLOWER.

You are welcome to add commentary as to why and try and sway our decision. Or you might not care that much about a 1 year old’s Easter Dress.

Happy voting!

-Sarah, One Curly Mama


3 responses »

  1. Love the sun dress and hat. However The little dress with flowers and the bow front looks alittle warmer for Easter. They are both winners, and the shoes win also!

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