Blueberries are the Devil!


This is the story about a crib, some breakfast, a baby and a mommy.

Once upon a time there was a mommy who bought her husband a new TV. You see, this mommy had watched her husband have a rough, well almost two years. He endured the insane mood swings from the mommy before she was even a mommy. He endured the crazy long hours of waiting for that sweet baby to arrive. He endured the five weeks that she was in the hospital and all the stress and emotion that went a long with the situation. He endured the even crazier mood swings the mommy had after the sweet baby was born. He endured staying home from work when that little baby had a fever and mommy had to go to class. He endured losing his job because he picked his family over a job. Then, he decided he would start grad school. Then, he found a job. And he keeps taking care of that mommy and that sweet little baby in so many ways.

What that husband didn’t know, was that the mommy had watched him endure and make changes and take care of his family. Then the mommy had some extra money in her savings account and that is when she bought her husband a T.V. She just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful ways he takes care of his family and let him know that she notices and it means sooo much to her.

But then after buying the T.V. the mommy noticed that the sweet baby’s crib was a little wobbly. She decided if she could buy a T.V. for the husband, that sweet little baby needed a better and safer crib. So the husband and the mommy did their research and found the perfect crib.

But that crib was made by Ikea, and it was going to cost that husband and mommy something like $400 to ship the crib all the way home. But, the husband noticed that the closest Ikea wasn’t that far away.

So, that husband drove to Frisco, Texas. The husband got up at 5am and without telling the mommy, he drove all the way to Texas. WITHOUT TELLING THE MOMMY.

Then when the mommy woke up, she found a note telling her that the husband had some errand to run, which was fine. But the mommy woke up because that sweet baby was in her room crying and crying for some one to let her out of her wobbly crib. So the mommy did and brought that sweet baby to bed with her. The mommy and that sweet baby fell back asleep together for some extra rest.

But then, the mommy woke up to crying again. It had only been a few minutes but that sweet baby woke up and got out of bed. When the mommy sat up, she found 5 pieces of dog food arranged in a line on the edge of the bed and still heard crying. This time the crying was from the living room. So when the mommy got up and went in the living room she found that sweet baby. That sweet baby was walking in wild circles in the living room crying and there was a lump in the leg of her pajamas. Upon further investigation, the mommy found that that sweet baby had undone the diaper, on one side, through her clothes. And upon even further investigation (i.e. picking up that sweet baby) the mother found that the sweet baby not only taken her diaper off, but she had peed on herself and the pajamas as well.

When the mommy finally had everything under control she sent the husband a text:

where are you?

you have three guesses

i don’t have time for guesses because of the screaming mimi

And so there was no texting because that screaming mimi was actually that sweet baby, who still needed breakfast and was getting upset, very quickly. The mommy decided to make that sweet baby a special breakfast. She made oatmeal and blended up fresh blueberries. The mommy was almost jealous of that sweet baby’s yummy breakfast. But the mommy didn’t make herself breakfast; you see she thought the husband was running local errands.

Later she found the time to text the husband again. She submitted three guesses and after he replied no to them he replied

i’m not even in the state of oklahoma

excuse me?

Then there was a phone call and some “discussion”.  Then the husband finally got home with the new crib and all was well.

Except no, it wasn’t. That sweet baby got a new crib, but she also got the worst case of diaper rash the mommy had ever seen.

But then the husband set up the crib and the diaper rash is starting to go away. Now all is well and some lessons have been learned.

  1. Mommies: Never fall asleep unless you are sure the baby has fallen back asleep first.
  2. Husbands: no matter what you endure or what great idea you have, do not leave the state without telling your wife.
  3. Blueberries are the Devil. Use them in moderation with babies.

The End.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama.

p.s. when I get a chance I will update this with some pictures. everybody say “Yay!” for pictures


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  1. Ahaha–such a funny story! Well, funny to your readers but probably not so funny to you (at least while it was playing out). That was so sweet of your hubs to go pick up the crib but yeah, a heads up on leaving town probably would have been best! He sounds like such a great guy–what a blessing you have in both him and your daughter, just as you are such a blessing to both of them. Oh yeah, and YAY FOR PICTURES. 🙂 Don’t forget to post your zoo pics as well!

    • It was sooo funny. I could barely stop laughing about Elizabeth taking off her diaper and peeing on herself. I mean after it was all said and done. And thanks for reminding me about the zoo pictures.

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