Sleep Must Happen Night #4 (edited)


Is it really only night 4?

Our bedtime routine is working so well. It seems hard to believe that only four nights ago Elizabeth was up until midnight or later crying.

She only cried 5 minutes tonight!

Knock on wood, of course. I hope tomorrow will go as well.

-Sarah, One Satisfied Mama


I spoke too soon!

She woke up around 2am crying. We tried to let her cry for a while and then go back to sleep. She did. Then a little later woke up again crying. Hubby went in and rocked her for a few minutes. . . this made it worse. He came back to bed, she calmed down a bit. We were hopeful and dozing. . .Until she started up again.

We brought her to bed with us. We wanted to sleep. We get an F for lack of perseverance! But we got some sleep, so I will accept my F.

-Sarah, One rested but in consistent Mama


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