Sleep Must Happen Night #3


I have high hopes for tonight. Not only will tonight come on the heels of last nights 6 minutes, but tonight, Elizabeth should be quite tired.

1. She had a doctor’s appointment at 9am in Oklahoma City, which meant leaving by 7:45ish. Needless to say, she was up much earlier than normal for her.

2. She only napped for a part of the drive; she never got an official nap.

3. She has spent most of the afternoon, and into the evening, hurting herself.

  • Today she was out on our porch and she tripped. She even scraped her wittle nose!
  • Then she danced until she feel over. Quick recovery that time.
  • She slipped in the bathtub and bonked her head.
  • Finally: She and I were playing on the couch. She would stand up and I would bounce her onto a pillow and etc. Then, out of no where, she stood up, tilted her head backward, and leaned back, on purpose. I guess she was doing one of those trust falls and was assuming she could trust her mother! Nope, she was too quick. She did a back flip off the couch and landed face first on the floor. I actually think my attempt to catch her made the whole thing worse.

Thankfully! No worries, she cried for a second to a couple minutes after each of these incidents and went on playing. I personally think I am more emotionally scarred than she is bruised. This is a hard stage of being Mommy. All she does all day is fall down. I am living on edge!

So hopefully we are dealing with this kind of tired:(This was a few months ago. I was working out and she passed out in her bouncer, cracked me up!)

4 Minutes!

She only cried for 4 minutes! That is not including the 5 minutes I rocked her before laying her down. She was pretty tired!

Go my sleeping baby!!

-Sarah, One Relieved Mama


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