Sleep Must Happen Night #2


6 minutes?

I was preparing myself for the long haul of listening to her cry for more than 20 minutes by myself and she only cried for about 6 minutes. Woohoo! I guess.

I hope she sleeps through the rest of night. That would make tonight a major success. Last night she only cried a few times. Then once for about 10 minutes around 1:30 am. So, that is a good sign!

I guess I am a skeptic, but all I can think is. . .well ____excuse for why this was so easy____. For example: Tonight her bedtime routine got pushed back a little later because I had a small crisis at the beginning of the evening and dinner was pushed back and so on. So she was probably extra tired. Or: I held her longer after her bath and she was crying, so technically she cried for about 10-15 minutes.

I am just suspicious. This seems to good to be true. . .check back tomorrow to see if Operation Sleep Must happen is actually working or if tonight is just a fluke.

-Sarah, One Suspicious Mama

Mean while here is a picture from our trip to the OKC Zoo yesterday.

Eventually I will blog about our big trip. Lots of fun pictures will be involved!


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  1. LOL–your expression in the pic with the bird on your shoulder–priceless! Well, I hope this news isn’t too good to be true. I’m not usually an optimist but I’ll bet she hardly cries at all tomorrow! I’m glad you stuck to your guns–this will be much better for you and I’m sure she will never forget the few nights she had to cry herself to sleep. She knows her mama loves her.

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