How to Spice Up Dinner #1: Spaghetti


Night after night we have to decide what to have for dinner. And week after week we choose spaghetti. It is cheap, just noodles and a good can/jar of sauce and voilà! A fairly yummy, healthy-ish dinner. (We had green beans, so it counts as healthy in our book.)

Well sometimes just spaghetti gets a little boring.

Introducing Cheese-y Garlic Baguette Slices.I have been battling a sore throat this week. On our way home from a visit with the doctor we drove by our local Panera Bread. My husband turned into the parking lot; he thought I could use some soup for lunch. While waiting for my broccoli cheddar soup and croissant, I  happened to see a table of goodies. In this treasure of goodies I barely noticed a lonely French baguette. As I stood gazing upon the orange scones and pastry rings, I could here a small voice. That voice was the French baguette. “Buy me, slice me up. I would go great with spaghetti,” it said. Figurative light bulbs lit up all around me as I sent a text message to my  hubby in the car. How does spaghetti sound for dinner?

But of course, simple slices of French bread would not do. No, I had big plans for this little (well not really, the baguette was quite long, maybe taller than my 1 year old even) baguette.

“I will slice you, butter you, sprinkle you with a bit of garlic powder, clothe you in shredded cheese and accessorize you with Italian seasoning.”

And, so, I did.

Then I put these cuties in the oven at 275°F for 10-15 minutes or about the time it takes your noodles to cook. I just checked on them and took them out when they looked all melt-y and perfect. Like this:Okay, so I was proud of my cheese-y garlic baguette slices…I mean look how nice they look with dinner.

These little dinner spicer uppers were pretty yummy too.

Well there you are, a fun way to spice up dinner.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

p.s. here are some extra pictures, just for fun.

This is just half of the baguette. It’s almost as big as E.Mmmm….yum.


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  1. Girl, you know it! My Kitchen Cafe just posted a cheesey garlic bread recipe and combined with your post, I’m taking it as a sign that I need to whip some up! Sounds sooo good and a great way to round out a spaghetti dinner. Little E is so adorable with the baguette!

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