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Guacamole BLT


Since we are having this freakishly warm hot few days and since we are trying to keep the AC off as long as we can stand it and since there was no way I was turning my oven on tonight: Dinner was officially a dilemma!

Thankfully, Veronica of Recipe Rhapsody posted this delicious and summery dish. So instead of whining about having nothing good to eat and eventually ordering some kind of greasy take out, we went shopping.

I was miraculously able to find some decent tomatoes and some already ripe avocados.

Let me just warn you, I don’t actually know how to make guacamole, so its just mashed up stuff with seasoning.

Anyway, on to the food.

First, you need a talented husband to fry up some perfect bacon while you pick apart some lettuce and slice the tomatoes. Apply to yummy bread of your choice. Check.

Plus some kind of concoction that resembles guacamole. Check

Ready the halves…

And smash together for a perfect mess of a fantastic summer sandwich.

Or for the more bland types (who don’t like guacamole or the traditional mayo)….You may enjoy my husband version of a BLT with mustard.

Complete your meal with ice cold glass of something you and enjoy!

Guacamole BLT

for a better recipe check out the one on Recipe Rhapsody, she actually knows what she’s talking about)

Getchya Some:

  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • bacon
  • bread (whole wheat is healthier)
  • avocada
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • garlic powder

Make a samich:

  1. some how remove cut the avocado in half and remove the insides
  2. chop up some tomato (optional)
  3. add some lemon juice, salt, garlic powder
  4. mash it all up
  5. fry up the bacon and lay on a paper towel covered plate
  6. toast the bread
  7. cut up a tomato
  8. pick off some leaves of lettuce
  9. slather you guacamole-ish on a slice of bread
  10. put the bacon, lettuce and tomato on the other slice of bread
  11. smash together, and you really should smash
  12. Eat up!

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

P.S. Don’t forget to vote on Elizabeth’s Easter dress! Two votes is not enough. We are depending on you guys!


The Duel of the Easter Dresses


Easter is a coming and we have TWO dresses for Elizabeth. Daddy likes one and Mommy likes the other.

The only way to solve this dress disaster, call for a vote. And we are leaving this decision up to you, my faithful reader, if indeed you are out there.

I will post a bunch of picture of each dress and you can cast your vote by leaving a comment.

Here is dress #1:

Butterfly DressIf you like this dress write: BUTTERFLY. And you can specify whether you like the hat or not.

And dress #2

Flower Dress

If you like this dress write FLOWER.

You are welcome to add commentary as to why and try and sway our decision. Or you might not care that much about a 1 year old’s Easter Dress.

Happy voting!

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

Saint Cupcake


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And if such a person exists, what’s their problem?

Cupcake lovers, I have a special treat for you today. There is a place not far from heaven, Portland, Oregon (okay maybe it’s not that close to  heaven). And this place has a little cupcake shop. And this cupcake shop. . . they deliver cupcakes to your door! Welcome Saint Cupcake into the special places of your heart.

You can go to their online shop and order a package of three, six or twelve cupcakes. Once you choose how many, you can hand pick what cupcakes, frosting and even sprinkles you want. They come in an adorable package. And nestled into this pink box of sweetness, you will find your cupcakes sealed in a package, some frosting and your chosen sprinkles.

I placed an order for their package of three cupcakes and shared them with a friend. They were delicious.

Please welcome Vanilla Toffee topped with Vanilla Buttercream frosting and sprinkles to the stage.

Chocolate with Mint Buttercream and multi-colored sprinkles is next. . . And last but not at all least. . .

Carrot Cake with Cream cheese frosting and sprinkles.And they were as yummy as they look!

I think this is the coolest thing ever. How great would it be to send some one cupcakes in the mail, or just send some to yourself!

I hope this made you day a little brighter. For more day brightening goodies, check out The Bright Side Project.

Have a great day.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

Blueberries are the Devil!


This is the story about a crib, some breakfast, a baby and a mommy.

Once upon a time there was a mommy who bought her husband a new TV. You see, this mommy had watched her husband have a rough, well almost two years. He endured the insane mood swings from the mommy before she was even a mommy. He endured the crazy long hours of waiting for that sweet baby to arrive. He endured the five weeks that she was in the hospital and all the stress and emotion that went a long with the situation. He endured the even crazier mood swings the mommy had after the sweet baby was born. He endured staying home from work when that little baby had a fever and mommy had to go to class. He endured losing his job because he picked his family over a job. Then, he decided he would start grad school. Then, he found a job. And he keeps taking care of that mommy and that sweet little baby in so many ways.

What that husband didn’t know, was that the mommy had watched him endure and make changes and take care of his family. Then the mommy had some extra money in her savings account and that is when she bought her husband a T.V. She just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful ways he takes care of his family and let him know that she notices and it means sooo much to her.

But then after buying the T.V. the mommy noticed that the sweet baby’s crib was a little wobbly. She decided if she could buy a T.V. for the husband, that sweet little baby needed a better and safer crib. So the husband and the mommy did their research and found the perfect crib.

But that crib was made by Ikea, and it was going to cost that husband and mommy something like $400 to ship the crib all the way home. But, the husband noticed that the closest Ikea wasn’t that far away.

So, that husband drove to Frisco, Texas. The husband got up at 5am and without telling the mommy, he drove all the way to Texas. WITHOUT TELLING THE MOMMY.

Then when the mommy woke up, she found a note telling her that the husband had some errand to run, which was fine. But the mommy woke up because that sweet baby was in her room crying and crying for some one to let her out of her wobbly crib. So the mommy did and brought that sweet baby to bed with her. The mommy and that sweet baby fell back asleep together for some extra rest.

But then, the mommy woke up to crying again. It had only been a few minutes but that sweet baby woke up and got out of bed. When the mommy sat up, she found 5 pieces of dog food arranged in a line on the edge of the bed and still heard crying. This time the crying was from the living room. So when the mommy got up and went in the living room she found that sweet baby. That sweet baby was walking in wild circles in the living room crying and there was a lump in the leg of her pajamas. Upon further investigation, the mommy found that that sweet baby had undone the diaper, on one side, through her clothes. And upon even further investigation (i.e. picking up that sweet baby) the mother found that the sweet baby not only taken her diaper off, but she had peed on herself and the pajamas as well.

When the mommy finally had everything under control she sent the husband a text:

where are you?

you have three guesses

i don’t have time for guesses because of the screaming mimi

And so there was no texting because that screaming mimi was actually that sweet baby, who still needed breakfast and was getting upset, very quickly. The mommy decided to make that sweet baby a special breakfast. She made oatmeal and blended up fresh blueberries. The mommy was almost jealous of that sweet baby’s yummy breakfast. But the mommy didn’t make herself breakfast; you see she thought the husband was running local errands.

Later she found the time to text the husband again. She submitted three guesses and after he replied no to them he replied

i’m not even in the state of oklahoma

excuse me?

Then there was a phone call and some “discussion”.  Then the husband finally got home with the new crib and all was well.

Except no, it wasn’t. That sweet baby got a new crib, but she also got the worst case of diaper rash the mommy had ever seen.

But then the husband set up the crib and the diaper rash is starting to go away. Now all is well and some lessons have been learned.

  1. Mommies: Never fall asleep unless you are sure the baby has fallen back asleep first.
  2. Husbands: no matter what you endure or what great idea you have, do not leave the state without telling your wife.
  3. Blueberries are the Devil. Use them in moderation with babies.

The End.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama.

p.s. when I get a chance I will update this with some pictures. everybody say “Yay!” for pictures

Sleep Must Happen: The Almost Conclusion


The Good News

The sleep must happen project is officially a success.

I actually just put E. down for her nap and she only cried for a few minutes. The past few nights have been heavenly. Last night she didn’t really cry at all, maybe a wimper or whine when I laid her down, but by the time I go out of her room, she was out.

Occasionally, she wakes up and cries for a few minutes in the middle of the night, but she is able to go back to sleep. Phew. This sleep thing was a killer for me. Maybe if we had just buckled down in the beginning, just maybe we wouldn’t be here; I don’t know.

But then I would never have had these sweet moments:All in all, it was a good decision. Everybody sleeps better and I get more work done, without having to stay up until 2am. And we still bring her to bed with us to cuddle in the morning if we want to sleep a little longer.

The Bad News

Appppaaaarrrenly, we can expect a relapse in this positive behavior. Brian started his Master’s this semester and is taking a behavior something or other class. His professor is some sort of well-known expert genius. (He really is. He is only like thirty and has been published something like 19 times.) Brian constantly talks about this class and all he is learning.

Last night, his professor was talking about how he follows families with children ages 2-5 around wal-mart. He observes how they behave. I know, it sounds kind of crazy, but hysterical at the same time. Based on his observations (and I am guessing they aren’t limited to wal-mart) when kids are acting out to get something their behaviors have a certain pattern.

The example: So you are in the grocery store with your little one, we’ll say Suzy. Little Suzy says she wants some kind of sugary, chocolate-coated cereal. Mom says no. When they go to get the milk, the milk reminds Suzy of said-chocolate cereal and she asks again. Mom says no. When they pass the plastic spoons on the way to get paper towels, Suzy thinks about sugary mess of a cereal she wants and asks again. Mom says no, again, irritation building each time she is asked. The request (or demand) and refusal continue to escalate until the parent gives in or the child meets their apex of throwing a fit for what they want. According to Brian’s professor this can manifest in such acts as running down the cereal aisle screaming and pulling all the cereal of the shelves. (the professor actually witnessed this. the mom, she just continued to shop, ignoring cereal-zilla) Once little Suzy meets her apex and still doesn’t get what she is demanding, she doesn’t know what else to do and so she stops.

The application: When we tried to establish the first time Elizabeth would cry until one of us came into the room and rocked her. As we grew more firm in our resolve to not bend to her crying, her crying became more hysterical. She used to start crying and then intensify the longer she had to wait. But once she figured out that when she cried harder and more hysterically we would come in, she skipped the normal crying all together. As soon as we laid her down she was start screaming and to avoid listening to the hellish cries we would obviously give in. So in the first  nights of operation “sleep must happen” she would immediately go into her most intense cry. Once we were able to restrain ourselves from rushing to her hysterical side, she would calm down because her big guns didn’t work. Thus we were able to successfully establish our bed time routine.

But. . . .according the the professor, for some reason children have a spike in their behavior, as a last stitch effort.

Back to the example: As little Suzy and her mother are leaving the store, and mommy has been able to weather the tantrum, the home stretch looks clear. But for whatever reason, Suzy, throws one more, gigantic and horrifying fit in a final attempt to attain her much desired chocolate-y mess of a cereal. This spike in fit throwing can be as intense as the apex from earlier. I could try to give an example of what Suzy would try for the cereal, but I don’t even want to think about it.

The application: Brian has deduced that we may experience the same kind of reaction with E. Whether it is in the next few days or in the following weeks, we can expect Elizabeth to make one last attempt to rebel against her nightly routine. Her rebellion will probably be as insane if not worse than her previous apex. This just means Brian, and mostly me, will have to put on our grown-up pants and weather the storm.

I’m just praying this so-called expert is wrong. . .

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

Ai (1947-2010)


The poet, Ai, was a professor at Oklahoma State University. I never had a class with her, although I would have liked to. She passed away only days ago, Saturday, March 20th. Her death is a major loss to the English department and the writing community. Here are a few of her poems.

Woman to Man

Lightning hits the roof,
shoves the knife, darkness,
deep in the walls.
They bleed light all over us
and your face, the fan, folds up,
so I won’t see how afraid
to be with me you are.
We don’t mix, even in bed,
where we keep ending up.
There’s no need to hide it:
you’re snow, I’m coal,
I’ve got the scars to prove it.
But open your mouth,
I’ll give you a taste of black
you won’t forget.
For a while, I’ll let it make you strong,
make your heart lion,
then I’ll take it back.
-from Cruelty


Overhead, the match burns out,
but the chunk of ice in the back seat
keeps melting from imagined heat,
while the old Hudson tiptoes up the slope.
My voile blouse, so wet it is transparent,
like one frightened hand, clutches my chest.
The bag of rock salt sprawled beside me wakes, thirsty
and stretches a shaky tongue toward the ice.
I press the gas pedal hard.
I’ll get back to the house, the dirt yard, the cesspool,
to you out back, digging a well
you could fill with your sweat,
though there is not one reason I should want to.
You never notice me until the end of the day,
when your hand is on my knee
and the ice cream, cooked to broth,
is hot enough to burn the skin off my touch.
-from Cruelty


for Robert Lowell

We smile at each other
and I lean back against the wicker couch.
How does it feel to be dead? I say.
You touch my knees with your blue fingers.
And when you open your mouth,
a ball of yellow light falls to the floor
and burns a hole through it.
Don’t tell me, I say. I don’t want to hear.
Did you ever, you start,
wear a certain kind of silk dress
and just by accident,
so inconsequential you barely notice it,
your fingers graze that dress
and you hear the sound of a knife cutting paper,
you see it too
and you realize how that image
is simply the extension of another image,
that your own life
is a chain of words
that one day will snap.
Words, you say, young girls in a circle, holding hands,
and beginning to rise heavenward
in their confirmation dresses,
like white helium balloons,
the wreaths of flowers on their heads spinning,
and above all that,
that’s where I’m floating,
and that’s what it’s like
only ten times clearer,
ten times more horrible.
Could anyone alive survive it?
-from Vice: New and Selected Poems

Sleep Must Happen Night #4 (edited)


Is it really only night 4?

Our bedtime routine is working so well. It seems hard to believe that only four nights ago Elizabeth was up until midnight or later crying.

She only cried 5 minutes tonight!

Knock on wood, of course. I hope tomorrow will go as well.

-Sarah, One Satisfied Mama


I spoke too soon!

She woke up around 2am crying. We tried to let her cry for a while and then go back to sleep. She did. Then a little later woke up again crying. Hubby went in and rocked her for a few minutes. . . this made it worse. He came back to bed, she calmed down a bit. We were hopeful and dozing. . .Until she started up again.

We brought her to bed with us. We wanted to sleep. We get an F for lack of perseverance! But we got some sleep, so I will accept my F.

-Sarah, One rested but in consistent Mama

Sleep Must Happen Night #3


I have high hopes for tonight. Not only will tonight come on the heels of last nights 6 minutes, but tonight, Elizabeth should be quite tired.

1. She had a doctor’s appointment at 9am in Oklahoma City, which meant leaving by 7:45ish. Needless to say, she was up much earlier than normal for her.

2. She only napped for a part of the drive; she never got an official nap.

3. She has spent most of the afternoon, and into the evening, hurting herself.

  • Today she was out on our porch and she tripped. She even scraped her wittle nose!
  • Then she danced until she feel over. Quick recovery that time.
  • She slipped in the bathtub and bonked her head.
  • Finally: She and I were playing on the couch. She would stand up and I would bounce her onto a pillow and etc. Then, out of no where, she stood up, tilted her head backward, and leaned back, on purpose. I guess she was doing one of those trust falls and was assuming she could trust her mother! Nope, she was too quick. She did a back flip off the couch and landed face first on the floor. I actually think my attempt to catch her made the whole thing worse.

Thankfully! No worries, she cried for a second to a couple minutes after each of these incidents and went on playing. I personally think I am more emotionally scarred than she is bruised. This is a hard stage of being Mommy. All she does all day is fall down. I am living on edge!

So hopefully we are dealing with this kind of tired:(This was a few months ago. I was working out and she passed out in her bouncer, cracked me up!)

4 Minutes!

She only cried for 4 minutes! That is not including the 5 minutes I rocked her before laying her down. She was pretty tired!

Go my sleeping baby!!

-Sarah, One Relieved Mama

Sleep Must Happen Night #2


6 minutes?

I was preparing myself for the long haul of listening to her cry for more than 20 minutes by myself and she only cried for about 6 minutes. Woohoo! I guess.

I hope she sleeps through the rest of night. That would make tonight a major success. Last night she only cried a few times. Then once for about 10 minutes around 1:30 am. So, that is a good sign!

I guess I am a skeptic, but all I can think is. . .well ____excuse for why this was so easy____. For example: Tonight her bedtime routine got pushed back a little later because I had a small crisis at the beginning of the evening and dinner was pushed back and so on. So she was probably extra tired. Or: I held her longer after her bath and she was crying, so technically she cried for about 10-15 minutes.

I am just suspicious. This seems to good to be true. . .check back tomorrow to see if Operation Sleep Must happen is actually working or if tonight is just a fluke.

-Sarah, One Suspicious Mama

Mean while here is a picture from our trip to the OKC Zoo yesterday.

Eventually I will blog about our big trip. Lots of fun pictures will be involved!

Sleep Must Happen Night #1


Recently, my darling baby daughter has decided, not that she is more than a year old, that she is unable to put herself to sleep at night. Instead her method of choice to attains Zs has been. . .mommy’s face, in her hands, less than 2 inches away from her face. Now I am not saying anything bad about that face. I am just saying: She needs to be in bed earlier. I need to be able to homework while she sleeps. And I need my face back.

And so as much as I have enjoyed our bonding experiences over the past few weeks, tonight things changed.

We started a new bedtime routine.

This was finally decided last night after something like 3 hours of trying to get E. to go to sleep, without my face. A chunk of that time was even spent driving around. She fell asleep and we hashed out a bedtime plan. Finally, we pulled into the parking lot and were ready to try and move sleeping beauty from car to crib, when she realized the car had stopped and woke up. Another half hour was wasted attempting to get her back to sleep. We eventually just had to let her cry it out.

Ahhh, and there is the problem. I am a weak and manipulate-able mommy. I hate to hear my sweet sunshine cry. I abhor the idea of “crying it out.” So, I have avoided making her do so as long as I possibly could. The cost: my face.

Maybe if I wasn’t a student and my time could realistically be spent catering to her every night-time when, this arrangement would work. But baby, I have homework, and lots of it!

So tonight is Night #1 of our Iron Face Bedtime Plan. We start with 15 minutes (or so) of down time. The lights are low. We read books, have some milk and stay calm. Then she takes nice warm bath, with lavender baby bath. We move to the bedroom with soothing music already playing, lights are dim, and she gets to rock and cuddle for a few minutes. Finally, when she seems calm and quiet we lay her in the crib and emotionally prepare for lock-down.

I have to put on my Iron Face, because when we shut that door (actually when we stand up and act like we might lay her down), she starts screaming.

And for however long she manages to cry and yell and scream and ball, I hate myself and listen to her “cry it out.”

Tonight, she lasted 22 minutes. It seemed like 2 hours. And actually, when she falls asleep, I still hate myself for not being there for her.

Then only thing that give me any peace is that when I looked at the clock, it was only 9:30ish.  Which means I  have lots of time to get my homework done, now that I don’t feel like doing it.

Will some one please tell her how bad I felt about this when she grows up? That way, if she is scarred for life, she will at lease know that I do love her.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow night will be 17 minutes (or less) and that I won’t cave while my husband is at work.

-Sarah, One Desperate Mama