Sprite Explosion


Have you ever experienced that feeling of anticipation; it feels like all the fizz in a bottle of shaken pop is rushing to the top. Or in some cases it feels like all the pressure from frozen and expanding soda is building and building. Then when that something you have been hoping for comes true the excitement is comparable to an explosion of pop and fizz.

Have you ever felt something like that?

Well, i haven’t really either.

What I did experience was the literal explosion of opening a frozen bottle of Sprite in my kitchen.

You, see, I did not understand what would happen if I opened the frozen bottle of soda. I learned yesterday. My husband bought me a 2-liter of Sprite and put the bottle in the freezer so it would be cold in the evening, just in case I wanted some.

Well I did want some. And when I opened the bottle and it gave a loud hissing noise, I should have put the bottle in the fridge and walked away. I didn’t. I let it sit for a minute and tried again. I held it over my glass expecting the Sprite to dribble out through the ice chunk.  Instead..

My kitchen was filled with the explosion of Sprite that shot across the room and hit the wall. My counter was flooded with the sticky drink and my floor was showered as well.

I cleaned up the kitchen as best as I could. But seeing as the force of the Sprite blast hit some where so high on the wall that I can’t even reach, I doubt I cleaned everything.

So this summer when I start complaining about the ants crawling all over my kitchen wall, kindly remind me of my Sprite disaster.

Just par for the course in my kitchen.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama


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