The Secret Life of Cake Truffles


Okay, so as I said last time, I made caramels and cake truffles for Valentine’s day goodies. Here is the story of chocolate cake truffles and all the bumps along the way:

First things first, you have to bake a cake. I cheated and just used a store bought chocolate cake mix.

Choooocooolaaaate Caaaaake Batter! Sorry, I just thought that was fun.

Anywho, you bake a cake and let it cool completely.

You will need some frosting and you can either buy it or make it.

I made mine with the recipe off the powdered sugar box. Yuum!

I dyed mine pink but it doesn’t make a difference. I just liked the color.

Once your cake is cool, crumble it all up. Some people recommend running the crumbs through a processor but I don’t have one of those and I survived.

Then you are going to add frosting to your cake crumbs. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Gradually add the frosting to the crumbs. If you just dump the crumbs into your frosting, like I did, you will probably have way more frosting than you needed and then you won’t be able to make balls out of the mixture. I had to bake a second cake, so I could add more crumbs and get the right consistency.

Okay, now you have a mess of chocolate cake and frosting, make sure you mix it all together really well.

Then roll them into 1-inch balls.

Now cover your almost truffles with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge. It would probably be best to do it overnight, but you can just do it for an hour or so.

Once you have let them cool and set up, you melt some chocolate and dip away. I don’t have any pictures of the dipping process because it is just crazy. As soon as you dip them add sprinkles or whatever topping. Do it before the chocolate sets up.

Then Ta-Da! You have truffles.

You can even package them all pretty:

I got this idea and the recipes from Recipe Rhapsody and Bakerella. They make cake pops and I just took out the stick to make truffles, which I found was much more difficult. I highly recommend checking out their sites because their cake pops look a-mazing!

Okay so here is the whole recipe:

Cake Truffles

You gotta get:

  • 1 box of cake mix, any flavor (and I guess you could make a cake from scratch if you really wanted
  • frosting, a store bought tub or homemade, any flavor
  • 1 24oz package of chocolate bark (maybe more if you are as messy as I am)
  • any toppings you want to cover your truffles with

What to do:

  1. bake a cake
  2. let it cool
  3. mush cake up into fine crumbs
  4. add some frosting to the cake,gradually, until you can make a good ball out of the mixture
  5. let cake balls cool in fridge
  6. melt some chocolate bark according to package’s directions
  7. dip the cake balls in the chocolate (good luck at this, I really have no tip as how to do it with out making a giant mess of everything)
  8. add toppings
  9. let them set up for a bit
  10. enjoy

Well there you go. I wish you luck. It is a messy treat!


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