Hearts Hearts Everywhere


Inspired by some other blogs around the web, I decided to find the hearts in my little world. I glanced around the apartment and this is what I came up with.

This is off the cover of Southern Living. My Nana gave me a subscription for Christmas, because I need another magazine, and I have found some really terrific recipes in there. I need to try them out soon. The recipe for these cookies are inside. They sound delicious. Maybe I will try them in a few posts. This cover is darling; the picture cheers me up every time I see the magazine.This is our calendar. I am marking off every day with a different heart. I personally like my Saturday heart the best. It is a classic Mom-4-Eva tattoo heart. I crack myself up. I find doing this gives me something really simple to look forward. I actually have a reason to stop and doodle for a second.  In November I did leaves and for December I did Christmas ornaments. Lots of silly fun. 

These hearts are one of my earrings. Brian gave me this pair of earrings the Christmas before we got married. I only wear one at a time on special occasions in my cartilage piercing. They are a nice little treat to wear and pretend I am fancy-schmancy!

This is Elizabeth’s first soccer ball. We bought it at the Old Navy in Oklahoma City while E. was in the hospital. As soon as she was born she kicked and we joked about her becoming a soccer player. Now she loves to play ball by rolling it back and forth with us. She was doing this as soon as she could sit up. She got a Sesame Street ball for her birthday and that will probably take the soccer ball’s place seeing as the soccer ball’s stitches are coming undone. Elizabeth could probably not care less but there is a part of me that is kind of sad. I am sure I will all survive the loss. This is my favorite heart in the house! I made this for Brian the semester I took Jewelry and Metal Working. We got to make these Valentines as a class project, so fun. The piece of copper has a map roller pressed into the background and is textured with as bumpy hammer. Then I pressed in the heart shape. To finish I stamped each individual letter in with a small stamp and hammer. It reads “I love you” and “I can’t wait to travel the world with you”.  We were talking about being international missionaries at the time. We are more settled on the U.S. for now but I would still love to travel the world with my hubby!

Well there you are. Hearts! I hope you enjoyed them.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama

P.S. I forgot to add this:My little sweetheart with hearts on her shirt! Really this is just an excuse to include a picture of Elizabeth.


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  1. Love your copper metal art heart, haven’t seen it, I like it. And out of all your hearts, I love your little sweetheart the best!

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