Cabin Fever Prevention


Here is a list of things you can do to keep from going crazy because of all the snow.

  1. Go outside. You could go play in the snow. I know, crazy idea, huh?
  2. Catch up on homework. You know that essay you have due in a week. You could work on it. But you won’t and neither will I, so don’t worry about it.
  3. Read. When is the last time you read a real book. I just finished A Mercy by Toni Morrison. Excellent. Wonderful.
  4. Color, yes in a coloring book or on construction paper. Let your inner child come out and have some fun.
  5. Make Valentine’s Day cards. You could even do old school valentines.
  6. Clean out a closet and then give stuff you don’t wear/need/want anymore to the Salvation Army or Goodwill when the roads clear up.
  7. Play a board game. Monopoly, Life, Sorry and Scrabble are all classics.
  8. Shop online for a new board game. I suggest this game.
  9. Organize the photos on your computer. Or even post some new pictures on Facebook. I desperately need to do this.
  10. Start a blog.
  11. Write a poem
  12. Play charades.
  13. Invite some friends who live close or even the neighbors over for some hot chocolate. Try this.
  14. Play on the Wii, with or without friends.
  15. Play a game of Texas Hold Em’ and use M&M’s or whatever you have around the house for chips. You could even used potato chips.
  16. Take down your Christmas decorations. I, uh, am just kidding. Of course everyone has their decorations down.
  17. When you make dinner add some food coloring. Like add green food coloring to beans to make “green beans” or make some blue mashed potatoes. Use your imagination.
  18. Make a silly video of you and friends/family reenacting a scene from a movie.
  19. Bake cookies. Try any of these, or try these.
  20. Bake a cake. Try this one, this one or this one.
  21. Or cupcakes. There are so many. Haven’t tried these but I want to. And check out all of these
  22. Basically I like baking and cooking and I think you should at least: Try one new recipe this weekend.
  23. Make a snowman and leave it in some one’s yard.
  24. If you know you have an elderly neighbor, clear their walk way or even driveway.
  25. Paint your nails. Try and talk your husband or boyfriend into letting you paint their nails. Even if they say no, their reaction will be funny.
  26. Rub each others feet. (Each other is referring to significant others, not neighbors or roommates. Unless you’re okay with that.)
  27. Clean out your fridge, freezer or pantry. I know, how boring, but it is kind of funny in a gross way when you find a jar of mayonnaise from 2006 in the back. But don’t open it.
  28. Read your Bible. Even if when you open it cobwebs choke you, you might find something good in there.
  29. Watch reruns on
  30. Just Relax. Take this snow weekend to chill out and refresh yourself.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama


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