Nothing Classy About The Doll House


If you drive East on Highway 51 you may notice a new attraction. The Doll House is a new adult entertainment venue that will be opening today. The sign proudly proclaims that they will have 15-20 girls.

I have to be completely honest. Initially I fantasized about burning the place down. Of course, I would never do this in reality. 1) They could collect the insurance money and rebuild anyway and 2) I am pretty sure arson is a felony. Okay, the real reason: I try not to be a crazy person. While my reaction may seem somewhat extreme, let me explain.

1. As a Wife

How could I be married and approve of this kind of business? The Doll House encourages men, committed or not, to come into their establishment and look at other women, naked women. I realize committed men do not have to participate, but the reality is, some will. Not only does this put a naked woman in front of husbands, fiancés or boyfriends in a totally sexual way, which in my opinion might as well be cheating, but the man’s attendance tells his significant other that she is not good enough, pleasing enough, beautiful enough, wild enough, sexy enough, etc. She is also now compared again unrealistic physical and sexual standards. And to put it frankly, the only boobs I want my husband looking at are mine.

2. As a Mother

I hate to pull the classic “what if it was your baby?”, but WHAT IF THE GIRL ON THE STAGE TAKING HER CLOTHES OFF WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?! Would you really want a bunch of horny guys ogling your daughter or even sister? No! Just the thought of it makes me what to pummel every guy that walks through those doors. Even more so I want to beat the crap out of every Daddy that failed to tell his daughter how much she is worth and that she is beautiful and far more valuable than that! And don’t even get me started if I had a son, and I caught him going there.

3. As a Woman

Okay feminist, where are you now? You want Freedom? Respect? Empowerment?  Yet this kind of business still exists in our society. What is politically correct or remotely okay with women putting themselves on display to be exploited for men’s sexual gratification? Or is that what the feminist movement had in mind when they said they wanted to be liberated? Maybe, if we women weren’t so busy telling men not to open the door for us, we could put a stop to this blatant exploitation and abuse.

Please, please do not support this business. Ernie Bales, the owner was quoted in an article by the O’Colly saying that The Doll House would be “classier.” There is nothing classy about capitalizing on the degradation of women.

A plea from,

-Sarah, One Curly Mama


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  1. Someone apparently have too much time on her hands! I can sympathize with your passion, but you are putting too much effort into it. Night clubs are enjoyed by both men AND women in all fashions of commitment…or “non-commitment”. To many the dancers help to ignite hidden or lost passions, and to others they simply intensify the existing passion in already healthy-intense love lives. Of course…there’s always the low-life spectator who abuses his or her personal vows with another, but the existence of a “night club” bares little impact on the dunce’s straying ways. Contrary to popular belief night clubs are an asset to a community, because they increase tourism (yes, they do), revenue, local awareness and business. If a person doesn’t condone the existence of such an establishment, the solution is simply…stay away. Instead, focus on the activities, establishments and commitments that interest you, and let others do the same.

    • I guess I can understand what you are trying to say, but I would say increased tourism is not worth encouraging the misogynistic exploitation of women. And I have a feeling much more of that occurs than people having their love lives enhanced. The idea of a wife, girlfriend or lover having to deal with being compared to some exotic dancer seems more likely to occur since men are so visual and store image after image in their mind. And I very much disagree that a night club does little to impact a “dunce’s straying”. A night club give that “dunce” somewhere to go and that alone is a big enough impact.

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