The Almost Life and Death Importance of Thank You Cards


With Christmas and my daughter’s birthday less than a month apart, you can only imagine the amount of thank you cards I need to write. Yes, I am working on them, but let me just say, if you gave our family a gift…patience is a virtue.

In honor of this painfully long process, I thought I would take a minute to remind the world of the importance of thank you cards.

Here are a few reasons you should always write a thank you note:

Reason #1

Imagine your Auntie Mildred sends you a check in the mail for your birthday. If you don’t write her a thank you card, she might think it got lost in the mail. Or Auntie Mildred might assume some hooligan robbed your mailbox. Now when you go to cash your check, you can’t. Then Benny the loan shark, to whom you still owe money, will be really mad if you can’t pay up. If you don’t pay Benny, Hank is the one who comes to get you, and you don’t want to meet Hank. So make sure you send a thank you card. Your face might depend on it.

Reason #2

Say your sweet mother sends you some goodies. A hand-knit sweater. A dozen homemade cookies. You wear the slightly itchy sweater and gobble down the cookies appreciatively but forget to send a thank you card. Well little do you know how much your mom actually misses you. Have you ever heard of “empty nest syndrome?” You were the last baby to leave the house, you know. Well Mommy dearest learned not to call too much from your older siblings, so she just sent this sweet care package to remind you to call. But we all know how long your mom can talk about Sudoku, and you’re busy studying or something, so you don’t call or send a quick thank you note. Well your mother is pulling her hair out with grief, “MY BABY DOESN’T LOVE ME ANYMORE!” In  her grief she actually manages to give herself a bald spot and has to wear an uncharacteristic hat to church. Upon being asked why, she explains how you have apparently abandoned her. The next thing you know, you have an angry voice mail from your pastor; you’ve been excommunicated. Can Baptists do that? Next time send a thank you card.

Reason #3

Your best friend give you an awesome birthday gift, but amidst all the birthday mirth you forget to send a thank you card; in fact the idea didn’t even cross your mind. You don’t see your BFF for a few days, and the next time you check Facebook, she has de-friended you. You try to call, but she has blocked your number. After a month of not seeing her (she has obviously been avoiding you) you happen to spot her in the produce section at WalMart. So you corner her between the potatoes and onions to ask WTF? To your bewilderment she starts sobbing and tells you how she thought you hated the gift and her. After your confession of forgetfulness and a clean-up on aisle four, you’re instant besties again. But don’t you think sending a thank you card would have been easier?

Reason #4

Really, its always nice to get a thank you card in the mail and feel appreciated. So as annoying as it may be, try to keep up with those thank you’s .

Just a friendly reminder.

-Sarah, One Curly Mama


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  1. I agree, thank you’s are so important, and I love your Amelie-like imagination of what could happen if you don’t send one! I didn’t send thank-yous after we were married for 6 months and my mother-in-law finally put her foot down and travelled 200 miles to come “help” me (i.e. force me) to write them. She was very nice and we did them together and I’m so glad she taught me that lesson. Sadly, I wasn’t able to pass the lesson on to my little siter who still hasn’t sent thank you’s three years after her wedding!!!! And man, that did sting for quite a while since I helped her so much and even made her cake AND ordered custom thank you cards from Walmart with their wedding photo on them. OK….maybe I’m still not quite over that. LOL. So yes, THANK YOU’S ARE IMPORTANT. My sister needs to read this. 🙂

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